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Default Egg Wins

Based on my limited experience, there is no better cooker than an Egg. After cooking hundreds of slabs on various WSMs and a BW FatBoy, I cooked perfection last night on a LBGE, and didn't even try.

I've had an XL for a couple of years, but limited its use for butts, roasting and grilling. My WSMs have always been my first choice for ribs, and they do a good job on butts too. I did Harry's Soo's class a couple of years ago and learned his way, and it worked out pretty well, but not as well as what I did last night on a BGE.

After moving, I recently bought a large. I had a couple of slabs of spares in the fridge that were going to go bad, so I dusted them with SM Sweet and Spicy and threw them on. No prepping and rubbing the night before, no spraying or foiling with apple juice, brown sugar and honey, nope, none of that.

I threw them on and forgot about them until I glazed them with Bart's Blazin' Q BBQ Sauce. Pulled them at about 5 hours at which time I tasted the best slab of ribs that I've ever made.

I suck at brisket, however, the absolute best brisket that I've ever tasted came off of an Egg, thanks go John (R2Egg2Q). Harry's isn't even close.

They aren't cheap but I'm finally sold. Time to get rid of the WSMs and buy another LBGE. Can't forget plenty of Bart's insanely good sauce to go with 'em.

...time to go check on my boneless leg of lamb.
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