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somebody shut me the fark up.
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@ shoes.
Okay, I don't agree that is is only marketing that is making the santoku popular, nor it's aesthetics.
I want to best serve the OP , I'm also not interested in the ego dance between brothers, just to be on the same page emotionally.
I agree that you use the knife how you want, but it is best to use it in a manner that keeps it's attributes.
I think the santoku is a great tool because it's thinness and the space between the knife edge and handle means it is super at doing slice and dice veges, it is just a great light and easy tool for many kitchen jobs.
A deba with it's fat blade is not good at slice and dice veges, in comparison.
It is better at pressing through soft tissue.
To aid the OP in his decision, I make the point that a nakiri added to his collection would do those tasks admirably, plus he gets a grater, shredder, hammer, tenderizer as well, but the deba isn't going to fill that space.
He light rather go with a santoku but he is a smart guy, he survived living in Perth!
He will pick out the info he trusts the most and make his decision.
I'll judge you by your actions, not what others say about you, I'll judge them by that.
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