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Originally Posted by ManakooraMan View Post
Assume you are talkin bout the back hollow grind? You can do that with all these single bevels not just the deba. Could just as easily put a double bevel to it. The wide spine makes a nice kine balance to a smaller knife. But bottomline gotta go pick up the knife you want first.
This is why, many decades ago, I predicted all deba's would go extinct.
Ai deba, Atsu deba, all of them, they cannot be sharpened by any old pleb and retain their specialized benefits.(Double bevel are a new western syle)
I've never met anyone outside of Japan who can do it, and I can't do it although I have watched carefully when it was demonstrated to me.
Their edge is a clam edge and it is designed to cut soft meat for a LONG time before needing sharpening.
Once you sharpen or use a steel and turn that into a normal bevel, it is just like any other knife.
It was designed so because it kept its fine cutting edge when pressed against bones in fish heads.

The OP has the same approach as me, I don't go picking the knife I want, I pick the knife most suitable for the purpose.
I love knifes and am not a robot, aesthetically I am swayed, but the primary rule is to choose the right tool for the specific job.
Deba's just are not good for the jobs a santoku do.
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