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Originally Posted by HeSmellsLikeSmoke View Post
I want one, but will I actually use one enough to justify buying it? My understanding is that Santuko literally means "three virtues" in that it evolved as a combination of classic Japanese knife shapes so is a all-purpose knife.

As a general rule, my experience with multil-purpose anythings is that they make compromises to the originals so it is usually better to have the originals.

My primary chopping knives, which I am very happy with by the way, are an old 8" J.A. Henckels Pro S Chef and a Dexter 8" Chinese Cleaver. I also have an old, stamped Chicago Cutlery 8" Chef which I use a surprising amount since I got my EdgePro Apex sharpener and put a good a very good edge on it.
Whoa, brother, you are getting the kitchen sink thrown at you in advice terms.
Santoku is a very useful multi purpose knife that does a lot oj jobs well.
It is like a housewife chef knife, of sorts.
You already are happy handling bigger heavier knives so I would ask if the cleaver you have is thin and great at doing sliced vegetables?
That is where the santoku replaces the usuba/ and Nakiri, both supreme vegetable tools.
That is all I see lacking that the santoku will do better.
The Debu, like all Japanese tools, has its
's specific use and is not as flexible at the Santoku.
The Japanese approach is very different, they don't generally make multi purpose tools, but have over 100 blade designs ALL for a specific set of jobs.
Santoku is multi purpose.
It will do veges great, peel, slice and dice and if you buy one with enough belly it will do meat well too.
It's thin and must not be bashed on bone.
I'd buy a kiwi Nakiri style stainless cleaver probably, and that would do all the non chef knofe jobs.
If you like the look of the santoku and want it, now you have a good idea of what you are looking at.
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