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Originally Posted by Bluehawg View Post
I agree with all the above statements as to "CAB" and "HG" etc. just being marketing schemes. In obtaining my degree in Animal and Dairy Sciences and subsequent career as an agriculture teacher, I can tell you with 100% certainty that basically to call a "lot" of beef CAB the main and #1 requirement is that the pen of live cattle must be at LEAST 50% black hyde cattle. I tell my students that a pen of Holstein steers that have more black on them than white can be marketed as "angus beef."

If you look at all the markets, restaurants, butchers, etc. that claim to have CAB and then look at actual number of registered or purebred angus cattle available for breeding stock it doesn't take long to recognize that there are more being sold than could possibly be "angus" and to re-enforce that argument, look at all the other breeds and crosses that are sold and given that some of their carcasses will be high quality, it would stand to reason that once the hyde is pulled off and all you have is a carcass of red meat then it probably won't end up in "BAR S" weiners or Armour Potted Meat.

Good meat is good meat. The hyde and hair do little for flavor when I cook it. Most of the time the hair and hyde is long gone before I slap it into a cooker.

I do agree though, that some breeds have certain attributes that make them a generally desirable carcass, but at the same time there will be some "dog" quality within that same breed as well that wouldn't likely make even good jerky or dog chews.
Nice. I think I read the CAB, for example, requires 51% angus to be considered CAB. And that's what they are using as marketing material! "hey our angus is at least half angus!"
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