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Default New to this Sort of....

Im going to explain what Iím going to do from people I have talked to hear and there. My family has been ranchers here were I live. I want to cook brisket the way I was told to do it with lots of coals and buried in the ground. I also want to make BBQ sauce in the ground. I have lots of apple-wood and cherry wood and other misc woods from our orchards. That is what my family has told me to cook with what they used. Iíve also been told that sage makes a nice flavor when put around stuff you wand to cook in a pit, does anyone know how to use it property this is wild sage. Also how should i set up my pit to be the best. I have done this before but want to improve. I have no intentions of buying fancy gizmos I want to do BBQ my the way my family does in a pit and burried. I was going to cook for 12 to 14 hours a 14 pound brisket. I was going to rap the brisket in wet newspaper and bailing wire.

Thanks and thanks for any suggestions.
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