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Originally Posted by Bludawg View Post
How do you make sure the point is done without overcooking the flat? I never worry about the point IF you keep it pointer to the FB it gets a little more heat once the flat probes tender the point is done too.
I have only done flats before and have never gotten the nerve up to try a packer.Packers are easier to cook.
Don't know what has driven up the price Drought! We have been thinning herds for economic reasons. The lack of water not only for the cattle but feed growth has caused the price of raising Beef to become expensive fro us producers, so a thinning of the herds become our only recourse to sty in business. it just costs to much to truck in feed and water. Less beef going to market with the same demand means higher retail prices. Select Chuck roast was 4.98 lb when I got that brisket.
Thank you for the response. It makes sense. I agree with the drought driving the price up but I also attribute a LOT of it to the fact that we are using corn to produce ethanol. That is truly absurd and a waste of corn. Switch grass, kenaf, or even the by products from the sugar industry would be much more effective and possibly even more efficient. We don't eat switch grass or kenaf, corn on the other hand is not only people food but a BIG part of the feed we give our animals. That drives the cost of corn up and in turn drives the cost of production for every species used as a source of animal protein in the diets of people.

My statement was directed at the cost of the briskets specifically though since they are a lower quality cut than the ribeyes, NY strips, etc... but now, in this area they are as expensive and sometimes more so than the the more desirable cuts of meat. That is what doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.
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