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Originally Posted by bfraze99 View Post
Today I got a steel company to roll me some 1/4" plate 60" long x 30" diameter and cut the two ends to fit. I can make the rest from there. After some more research im going to do a the rolled plate steel. I am still thinking of insulation and a thin gage metal for a skin on the outside. I think i can get it done i have some ideas. Just going to construct the main body and fire box then figure out how to skin it. Im thinking of only 3 sides of the tube. Top,bottom, and end opposite of the fire box. because of the constant heat i do not think i need to insulate the fire box end. Once it is hot i dont think it will need alot of fuel to maintain temp with the insulation. If someone has any experience with a insulated firebox etc.. let me know your thoughts.

Of course this is still up in the air as to the final product but i did get my steel ordered for the main tube.
I think you are on the right track with the rolled steel. While still in the planning stage you may want to rethink not insulating the fire box and making it a reverse flow exhaust. You will lose a huge volume of heat out of the top of the fire box if not insulated and making it insulated will be much easier than the rest of the cooker. I used to lay a welding blanket or an old quilt over the cooking chamber, to help keep heat in it better especially on cold, rainy or windy times. Talk to some more people about it and go with what you think you will like but above all, have fun with it.
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