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Default Wolf Quick Reference Sheet

I have tried to put together a quick reference sheet based from Toronto's Dog manual and Wangs manual on his allchinas website.
My goal is to have something that is around one or two pages length total so it can be one sheet laminated.
I am aiming for more of a reminder then a from basics guide, ie this wont tell you how to move the cursor in a menu.

This is what I have so far, as I said it is heavily based on Toronto's manual just condensed and with the meat temp side of the wolf added to it. My question is... Have I got everything right so far? I am more then happy for others to edit and change this too.

This is a cut and paste from a word document where the formating is alot neater, this avoids having download sites etc.

Wolf Quick Reference Sheet

Menu 1 Set1

SC = Desired temp
RC = Time at temp -if there is no SC2 does this have any effect?
AL = Low temp alarm set point
AH = High temp alarm set point
Set SC2, SC3 and SC4 if multiple temp set points are desired otherwise set SC2 000 to disable.

Menu 2 Set1

F-C =F, C selection. 0000 = Celsius, 0001 = Fahrenheit
SL1 = leave at 1111 for BBQ use
SL2 = leave at 1011 for BBQ use
HdC = Maximum fan speed, use to scale large fan down. Represented in percentage.

Menu 3 Set1

For PID 0000 is sensitive – 9999 unresponsive. Default P,I,D = 0030,0240,0060
P= Proportional – The further the temp is out the more the fan blows (or doesn’t blow)
I = Integral – Like P but gets stronger longer the temp is out
D = Derivative – Reacts to the rate of change of the temp
AR = Leave default 0100
T = Leave default 0000
Pb = Use to calibrate probe
UdC = Minimum fan speed, default 0000
LCK = Lock paramaters, leave default 0000

Meat Temp Menu Set2

P1 = Target Meat Temp
T = Time to hold meat at P1 measured in minutes
P2 = Holding Temp after P1 reached.
P3 = Maximum PIT temp. Used when meat probe is in control.
When P1=0, meat probe will be for monitoring only, not for control.
When turn off/on power, it will continue last mode.
When you press "AT/M", it will forget auto session.
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