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Today I got a steel company to roll me some 1/4" plate 60" long x 30" diameter and cut the two ends to fit. I can make the rest from there. After some more research im going to do a the rolled plate steel. I am still thinking of insulation and a thin gage metal for a skin on the outside. I think i can get it done i have some ideas. Just going to construct the main body and fire box then figure out how to skin it. Im thinking of only 3 sides of the tube. Top,bottom, and end opposite of the fire box. because of the constant heat i do not think i need to insulate the fire box end. Once it is hot i dont think it will need alot of fuel to maintain temp with the insulation. If someone has any experience with a insulated firebox etc.. let me know your thoughts.

Of course this is still up in the air as to the final product but i did get my steel ordered for the main tube.
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