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Default "Merican Style Ribs keep improving (pr0n)

It must be a good sign, each time I cook ribs they just keep improving and this time by a great deal.
I used the generous and kind gifts from Kirk (Chikagokp) that arrived in a box.
I chose Agave syrup to coat the ribs and because I butcher it myself, this time I decided to go with the full platter instead of the trimmed rib section.
Man that was a good decision!

After coating with Agave I sprinkled it liberally with Simply Marvelous Sweet and Spicy rub.
That seemed a good choice considering the sweet Agave.
I cooked on the BSK at 280-320 over 3 and a half hours.

When they were rested, I sliced a sample and ate it.
Then I poured a little of Boshizzle's gift of Texas Pete and melted butter over, jus because I wanted to try it!
Boshizzle has given me an equally large box of American and Mexican heaven, and I already got TFO teary with some of it.

We LOVE Texas Pete!!!

Finally, TFO got all womanly and made some potato salad and scolded me and cajoled me into eating it with salad.
She says she is worried about my health but I saw the way she looked at the leftovers...

Thank you Brethren Kirk and Joe!!
Very happy days downunder!
Hold my dang beer...
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