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3rd, I think you answered your own quesiton...

[QUOTE=Wyobbq;2285167]Hi All

I figured that this would help, but after I let it ride on that for another 30 mins or so, I had to raise the white flag, and go to plan b and put the turkey in the oven. The chickens were still in the pit smoking away, and the temp didnt seem to change at all. After a while, I went out and cracked the lid (had been operating with my ~2" hole fully open) and within 15 min, the temp shot up to 325.

I obviously have an airflow issue of some kind, I'm just not sure where. My dad suggested that I put an exhaust pipe on the lid (right now it's just flat and covered with a piece of metal that slides), though I'm not sure that will work.

After you opened the lid, the temp went up... tells me you have an air flow issue. I have both of my drums with 3 3/4" inlets and have no issue with temp control.... I use the lids off of Weber kettles to give my room for two cooking racks, and usually only crack the exhaust on the lids so they are abt 1/8 of the way open, but of course I am using an Ique110 temp controller too. But before those, I would open the vent all the way open, then control temps with the inlet valves. I use RO lump and find that I can control temps a lot easier with the lump as well. Give a good grade of lump a try as well.

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