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Default Prepping pork

Just had a cook for a local non-profit this weekend for 250+ people. Cooked a total of 19 briskets and 24 boneless pork butts. I don't normally cook boneless butts so they threw my cook times a bit off but it all worked out in the end with very happy guests. Next year I'll be adding a roman puller to my tool box. Pulling & chopping that much pork by hand is insane.

Anyway, next year they are planning a bigger event. I'll probably have to bring in another pit or two to handle the meat. I have a pretty decent trailer pit but even it has its limits.

I am looking for tips in prepping large quantities of pork butts. I have done boneless before in comps but spent a good chunk of time trimming and preening the butts before rubbing and cooking. With large quantity this just isn't time feasible. For this cook I rinsed the butts and cooked them naked at 300-350. The wet & windy weather made chasing box temps an all night adventure. After pulling & chopping I added rub and sauce for flavor. Is there a better way? I look forward to cooking for this group every year and just want to put out the best product I can.
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