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Default Rememberance of Salmon Past...

When I was growing up we used to have a friend that would bring smoked salmon back from fishing trips in New Brunswick. The salmon fillet was still on the skin and would be scored in a criss-cross fashion so that chunks could be picked up off the skin and eaten or put on crackers. Generally there'd be a bowl of sour cream and chives to accompany the salmon - and lots of beer.

The texture of the salmon was not the moist pink of deli salmon, but dark and more towards the dry, flaky side. There was still some residual moisture on the inside but the outer layer was crusty and with a strong smoky flavor. I'd like to duplicate this and am thinking of an alder or applewood smoke at @ 200 degrees - although I wonder if it should be a little hotter if necessary. My best guess is that it was brined overnight and mopped with water and maple syrup.

Any suggestions re. the IT and the length of the smoke would be appreciated.


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