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Following is another message I just received.
I really need more feedback before I spend money on this new application, or I will ignore it.
Been business owner involved in product sales for over 25 years. I live in Atlanta Georgia area where the green egg is manufactured. I think start with loyal green egg owners as shipping is much less for just burner and readymade market. Once we have established business record we can then try importing ceramic pits. In October there is eggtoberfest If we can perfect the thermostat/burner before then I could probably sell 500 units that day alone.

Opening is 2.5” x 3.5” and wall is 1” thick. If you can make a sleeve that we can place on inside of green egg that sticks out of air inlet far enough then we can bolt your outlet to it. It is sturdy and heavy enough it should support weight of burner. How big is your outlet?

If I decide to do this the product would need a more professional finished look and I do not want you underselling me on eBay as that would not be fair. I have imported from china directly before and I have had many quality control issues. You actually living there where manufactured is very helpful for quality control.
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