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Sorry I haven't posted a pic of my grill yet (and I will), but all of your advice has really helped. I got thin blue smoke tonight!

I used a couple of bolts and some fender washers to close the gap between the smoker and food chamber and made sure the lid sealed properly. I also made a new exhaust vent damper. Using the indirect method I was able to get it to settle in around 250 and was able to keep it there with very little effort. I used a smaller pile of charcoal than my first attempt which help keep the temp down.

I called Char-Griller last week and they confirmed that the door on my fire box is on upside down for some reason but since it was an older model that they no longer make, they couldn't really do anything about it which I understand. I think I am going to drill 3 holes in the bottom (what should be the top lol) and use pipe nipples/caps and a ball valve like on a UDS so that I can use they fire box the way it is supposed to be which will give me more room in the food chamber.

Thanks for all the help! Your advice really helped the newbie get some good Q tonight!
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