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Default HIgh Heat Brisket

I thought I would do a quick how to on High Heat Brisket and try to show how I do it and what I look for when I pick out my meat.
I prefer packers in the 12-15 lb range. I look for flexibility how loose it is and how much movement there is between the point and flat. A thick tail and uniformity in overall thickness, This ensures that the point and the flat will give it up close to the same time. I don't concern my self with grade I have had Choice come out not as well as I had hoped and Select be off the hook. Given the choice I'll take the higher grade all things being equal. For this exercise the candidate is an Black Angus Select grade.

A quick tip here: Spray your counter top with water and lay down some plastic wrap to cover your work area. It makes clean up a snap and you can use it to wrap your meat after trimming.

Unwrapped and rinsed under cold water patted dry and ready for trimming. Note the uniformity

Start by removing all the hard fat and clean up the edges. Then remove as much silver skin as you can. My knife of choice is a fillet knife.

About 3 lbs of fat trimmed off, Not shown is the fat cap there was 1 small area that I had to thin out to get it to 1/4"

At this point the brisket is ready to cook except for applying the rub. That is a personal taste issue and self explanatory. For the record this one got Dalmatian and a little Montreal Steak.

Pre heat your pit at least 1 hr bring the temp up to between 275 & 300 I Use Post Oak and a little Mesquite. Start out fat cap down for the first 2 hrs.
Two hrs at 300 ready to flip and cook two more hrs then a wrap of butcher paper until it is probe tender.This was on the pit at 8:30 am and resting in the kitchen at 1:30 pm

Once removed from the pit I put a temp probe in the brisket and allow it to sit on the counter top with a thermo in it. Once the temp drops to 150 it is unwrapped point and flat are separated and sliced as needed. Never slice more than you need and it will stay moist.

Fresh out of the paper

Hope some one finds this helpful.
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