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Default Maverick Probes vs Poultry: PROBLEMS?

Over the last three weeks, I have cooked two turkeys and one whole chicken. On the two turkeys, I used my Maverick ET-85 and on the chicken tonight I used the new Maverick ET-732. I experienced the same problems with both Maverick thermometers on each of these three cooks.

The problem I'm having is with the meat probe. When my turkeys and chicken registered 160 in the thick of the breast with both thermometers, I double checked with the Thermapen and found out that the Maverick probes were reading 15 to 20 degrees HIGHER than the Thermapen. After my first turkey, I decided to check the probes with the boiling water test. The Maverick ET-85 and the Thermapen both read correctly in boiling water. Today I tested the ET-732 and the thermapen again with boiling water and the results were the same... both read identical temperatures.

Last weekend, I cooked a boston butt with the ET-85 and did not have the temperature variation problem in that meat.

So in a nutshell, the only time I'm having the problem is when reading poultry temps. I think i have ruled out calibration issues with the boiling water test.

What could be causing my problem?
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