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Originally Posted by mallorjc View Post
I like the idea of fire-box reflective insulation from heat absorption by the brick and think you should consider the 1" tube being too small to allow proper flow / hence cold smoke at top of cooking chamber. This just looks too "almost perfect" to tear down!
Thanks, no I'm not tearing it down, that's just my frustration anger speaking. I don't have the energy to tear it down anyway after building it for over 2 years, lol.. The one inch metal tube is for the IQ110 blower attachment. I built this pit with the full intention of using a blower only, no free drafting. So yes, without a blower I would have to crack the pit doors etc, but I like the blowers, used them for years and so I custom built this pit with that in mind and no air leaks with additional vents etc. I also used to have a Kamado #7 , ( sold it after re locating ) and that is the style I tried to replicate here, with little airflow, less fuel consumption and stable heat. Obviously I am falling short on that part. I have high heat and large fuel consumption, as the blower manifold I built into the pit area is really driving a big fire, but as mentioned, the transfer of heat is way off. So as Big Belly suggested, I will put a metal liner in the firebox and attempt to direct the heat more laterally to the cooking chamber. Will let you know how it goes.
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