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Originally Posted by OregonBoy View Post
Was at the watering hole tonight and was talking to an older guy who told me this.

He claims that you can speed up the process of drying freshly cut wood in the oven. Told me that he puts wood in with a cracked door for 24 hrs at the lowest setting then burns it in his egg. I feel like this is complete BS. I told him I would be doing it this weekend... :P

But I think the real question is if youre in a bind can this be done? No way can 24 hrs be enough or this method correct.

But maybe the pessimist inside of me won for the day.

So.. WHO is wrong.
Having worked in a large sawmill in South Dakota years ago, we kiln dried wood and air dried wood depending how much moisture the wood had in it. If it had a lot it went to air dry until the moisture went down and then to the kiln. The temp in a kiln was at about 240 if I remember right because the water in the wood has to reach boiling point 210/212, with good air circulation between the boards at around 600 fpt air moved. Plus we are talking pine which is much less dense than oak, hickory or just about any wood used to cook with. Also the bark was removed, bark traps moisture much longer, this could take up to two days.

Considering all that, don't think you are really doing much except running up a utility bill, there is a reason we don't cook in wooden pots in our ovens.

A better way to go would be to pre burn to coals or just pre heat wood so it catches fire and does not smoke as much. In my case I don't use all wood so I have no problem using green wood in moderation. If you are concerned you can heat logs in your smoker if you have room or place on smoker.
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