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Default Second cook on my custom self made pit.

So I fired up my pit yesterday for the second time. I made the same rub as last time, then made a white vinegar baste to give a try for my cook next week. (I heard that it is best to let the flavors meld for a week, but I wanted to try it.)
I started the pit up, hit 250, and was hovering there very well. I put the shoulder on my grating, and put a pack of bacon on a grill grating with a cast iron skillet to catch the grease. I had to run some errands, and when I got back my fire was close to being out, but my temp was holding at 200. A few pieces of apple later I was back up to temp, and holding fine. I cooked at 250 for around 5 hours, and slowly bumped up the temp to push it along. Towards the very end I sprayed it with apple juice, and foiled it. This shoulder was perfect. After it rested the bone slipped right out with little effort, and there was not one spot of tough meat.
I poured the bacon grease into a spray bottle, and sprayed the entire inside of my pit. Fire box, and everything. I am thinking for my next several cooks cooking a pack or two of bacon with my shoulder, and spraying it all over the inside to completely season it. 399359_10200243896958734_896200394_n.jpg

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