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Found some matches.
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I'm having a bit of trouble translating but I think I get what you're saying.

That A-Maze-N thing seems like the way to go.. assuming it's not too wide for my round Brinkmann.

To ALL: Thanks for all the VERY HELPFUL replies (well except for the guinea pig ). No pun intended: I have to 'digest' all this a bit.

It may seem silly, but I'm getting pretty excited about this. I've fished around here for -years- and lately it's gotten -boring-. I am not a 'catch and release' kinda guy... when I've got dinner, I'm done unless I schlep a cooler and feel like freezing. (And a lot of things just don't freeze all that great.) ALSO: the truth about this area is that the best fishing is often in winter. As I get older, the thought of freezing my ass off in waders gets less attractive. But if I can get this thing going, it really makes it a lot more fun... if any of that makes sense.



Originally Posted by ManakooraMan View Post
For your smoker, the charcoal or whatever fuel source propane or electric is just fo heat the wood pellets or chunks. If you want bumbye no check the temperature, then the maze type sawdust burners (amazen or proq) is the way to go. Set and forget. But you do need sawdust. That burn correct.

The way gore and cowgirl did is legit. It will be moister and softer than store bought. I think the commercial kine use fan to blow dry it out a little.
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