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Originally Posted by Fo Sizzle My Nizzle View Post
Still new to this and finished my 4th or 5th brisket today. I've been happy with the results so far but I'm still having problems with the flat being dry. Not leather dry but not juicy either. Tender but dry maybe? Anyways...

I'm not sure where I picked up the notion, but every brisket attempt so far I've separated the flat and point to make burnt ends. After researching tri-level brisket posts by Popdaddy and PMT I figured I'd just slice the point tonight. That magical, juicy, sexiness I've been searching for in my flats has been waiting for me in the point all this time. First time in a while that I broke out in dance after taste testing. Had some Gap Band rockin in the kitchen, doing my truffle shuffle, and wifey walks in. After shoving some meat in her mouth she understood.

Forgive me elder brethren for chopping and torching mouthgasm point meat.
Finally sanity prevails. We give the flats to the uninformed and the children at my house and eat the point. I make a whole 12 lb packer just to get the 2.5 lbs of point! burnt ends (as good as they are) are taking the best part of the brisket and turning it into some kind of parlor trick (kidding, of course). I make stuff like that out of the flat but the point is sacred down here. Now you know why. Welcome to the club. Secret handshake instructions to follow.
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