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Thanks. I screwed up the design so I'm trying to salvage it. Some good questions so maybe more can help. The pit temp, on the left lower door, runs hot as expected from a burning wood fire, 500' roughly. I have an analog probe in there. The blower runs most of the time and the wood I consumed last night was insane, a ton. So the fire, air and heat are being produced as needed in the pit. I planned this design to use with a blower only, as there are no air vents present, just the 1 inch metal tube through the wall of the pit for the blower. So its definitely airtight. The grill racks are on the right. About midway in the top metal door is my therm probe, about a foot from the top of the chamber. Probe enters from the side through a hole drilled in the cement. I also have an analog there and the temps are consistent with each other. I can not get that temp to get close to 250' at all, it stays at 180-200 ' , even after burning a ton of wood and the pit temps going 5-600 ' So the problem is I cant get any heat to where it needs to be. I do get great smoke, it would be a great cold smoker, but I don't have the patients to BBQ a chicken for 10 hours, like it took last night. A few of my ideas, please chime in. The meat chamber is too tall, the smoke gets cold by the time it gets to the grill rack. I did dampen the chimney, it just seamed to make it smokier, not hotter. Or, maybe I just suck it up and move the fire box back to the right lower door area, that is where it was, but then it ran too hot. I wanted it to be offset. I could put an aluminum sheet metal insert to guide the heat from the firebox up to the grill rack also. One last point, the entire pit / grill combo is cement and firebrick, so even with the fire blazing , the top of the cement fire pit on the left doesn't even get hot, the thermal mass must be overwhelming as well. Very lost at this point. Thanks.
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