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Originally Posted by P&Y13738 View Post
Hello, I am new here and found your forum while searching for directions on making a UBS. While I haven't made it all the way through this thread yet, at page 14, I have a question and I haven't come across it yet. I have read that several of you have made various goodies for a New Years party and I would love to do the same. The question is what is the coldest outside air temp any of you have used a UBS? I live in Minnesota and it could be plenty cold even below 0 degrees by that time of year. Well back to more reading.
Many have used them below 0. A water heater insulation blanket will help fuel consumption. Could use a welders blanket or some such as well. I live in Oregon (not terribly cold) and neither it or rain affects my UDS. Wind is the big issue so I have it placed where it is blocked and I'll put a cinder block just in front of the intake to minimize wind gusts entering the barrel and causing temperature fluctuations.
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