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I see what your saying for sure. The one I'm lookin' at has the "so called" diamond dust wheels. About $100 at Bass Pro. Not sure who makes it yet.

Had a Butcher tell a Friend that if you go with a 17* angle on the blade, it's sharper but will not hold an edge as long. If you go with a 30* angle, it will stay sharper longer but not cut as well.

In a quandary about this.
The 17* angle is actually more obtuse than the 30* bevel, as the 30* bevel is 30* inclusive. In other words, it is 15* per side. The 17* angle would be 34* inclusive. On kitchen knives, an inclusive angle of 30* is pretty standard. Some like 26*, but your steel needs to be fairly "soft" or not too hard, as an angle that acute will chip or roll on you.

Most hard use knives (hunting, chopping, etc) use an angle of 40* for longer edge retention. For pocket knives, a lot of people like the 30* or around 28* for getting their knives hair popping sharp.

For my personal preference, I prefer a carbon steel kitchen knife over a stainless steel one. My kitchen set is a quality stainless steel set I bought several years ago, and is quite sharp. I use a "steel" on them to keep them sharp between actual sharpening sessions. The steel does not actually sharpen the knives, but re profiles the edge after hard use as the edge rolls or gets minute chips in them.

I have several carbon steel knives that I found at a local Goodwill store for $1 each. I brought them home and sharpened them up to where you can push cut phone book paper without any tearing. Love to see just how sharp I can get them

I keep all my knives in a block or separated from each other. Never throw all your knives in a drawer together, as they will chip and dull each other. Also only cut on a wood or plastic type cutting board, and never on glass or ceramic. Good knives are worth protecting.
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