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Found some matches.
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Thanks for the helpful replies. That 'warm smoking' recipe looks very promising. I'm looking more for the cold 'breakfast' style I used to have as a kid... my aunt had a small shed. But this was in Ireland 40 years ago and I'll I can recall was that it was cold as hell outside. She hung things up on these 'rods' in vertical strips---like a sauna. It sure wasn't -hot-. Took a couple of days? Anyhoo.

Some follow up...

1. You can use -Kingsford-? I was told my someone else to NEVER use 'regular' charcoal (ie. for burgers/weenies) and to ALWAYS use a 'special' charcoal made from 'wood' with no oil or other chemicals. True? The stuff I see labelled 'natural wood' tends to cost 3x as much so it's a consideration.

2. Cherry? I have a bunch of cherry and apple firewood that's been drying for about a year. Is that OK, or should I stick with the store-bought stuff. Does it -really- affect the taste of salmon?

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