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My responses below...

Originally Posted by saychz316 View Post
My goals.

1. A nice bark on it. My rub will be pretty basic prime rib rub. I am a keep it simple kind of guy. Kosher salt, pepper, granulated garlic, and dried rosemary.

One of my favorites. Montreal Steak Seasoning is also good.

2. A very nice, warm, juicy & pink medium rare center.

Cook it to 125 internal and then rest

So here goes my questions. Please feel free to copy and paste the questions and add your response.

1. Boneless, or bone in? Im leaning towards boneless, only because of the ease in slicing once done. Will the bone in be better?

Bone in. I think the bone adds flavor as it cooks.

2. What temp to cook at? Low, slow 225-275ish? Or would you all consider something higher? 300-350ish?

I've become a fan of lower temps. It gives a more even doneness. I do 225.

3. What temp to cook it to? I was thinking cooking it to 125 and then resting and slicing at 135 for a nice medium rare? Or would cooking to 120 and slicing at 130 be better?

I think cook to 125 and then rest.

4. Method for cooking in smoker. Do you put it in a shallow roasting pan like an oven bake, or set it on the rack like I do pork shoulder, brisket, etc? And if on the rack, do I use a water pan on top of my ceramic deflector?

I've done both. If I want the drippings I'll put it on a rack in a pan

5. Direct or indirect heat?

Indirect. If you want the outside darker at the end then you can switch to direct and sear the outside of the roast, but I've stopped doing that.

6. Lace with butcher string while cooking?

No need. Leave the bones intact, nothing to lace.

7. Last but not least, what wood to use while cooking? I have the lump for the cooker, just need to decide on a wood. Oak is coming to mind, or maybe hickory?

I really like light oak smoke on rib roasts. Pecan is good, too.
Also, use the Google search box near the botton of the page and you'll find dozens of threads on prime rib.
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