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Originally Posted by Suntower View Post

First post. It's been a good year for salmon and steelhead. Bought a Brinkmann $40 smoker and I'd like to see what I can accomplish.

Ideally, I'd like to cold smoke, but since I don't know what I'm doing I'd like something that is easy.

I guess my other question(s) is/are:
1. What type of charcoal? @ Lowes there are these 'natural wood' charcoals for prox. $14 a bag. Is that the kind to use?

2. For 'chips':
a) Should I buy those little bags or can I use branches from local trees (there are tons of apple trees near me that get pruned.) Or do I really need -chunks-? I'd prefer alder, but can't find any nearby.
b) If I use found wood, hHow much do these need to be dried out before using?

3. Once I smoke these, how well can I expect them to 'keep'? I have a Seal-A-Meal. If I use that do these freeze well?

Thanks In Advance!

As for fuel that what you posted should work fine, or Kingsford briquets will work too. As for wood chunks are what you want, one or two is all you need(depending on size of the chunks) green wood is not good, bad smoke! Unsure how long it should be dried/aged before using.

Seal-a-meal works real well for freezing and heating (vent it prior to microwaving) or i've heard of people using boiling water to heat thawed bags of meat. Unsure how to smoke Salmon so no help there sorry.
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