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Found some matches.
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Default Salmon Smoking Noob Seattle


First post. It's been a good year for salmon and steelhead. Bought a Brinkmann $40 smoker and I'd like to see what I can accomplish.

Ideally, I'd like to cold smoke, but since I don't know what I'm doing I'd like something that is easy.

I guess my other question(s) is/are:
1. What type of charcoal? @ Lowes there are these 'natural wood' charcoals for prox. $14 a bag. Is that the kind to use?

2. For 'chips':
a) Should I buy those little bags or can I use branches from local trees (there are tons of apple trees near me that get pruned.) Or do I really need -chunks-? I'd prefer alder, but can't find any nearby.
b) If I use found wood, hHow much do these need to be dried out before using?

3. Once I smoke these, how well can I expect them to 'keep'? I have a Seal-A-Meal. If I use that do these freeze well?

Thanks In Advance!

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