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Originally Posted by HookedonSmoke View Post
When smoking I normally use a Large BGE or a small bullet-style Brinkmann or both depending on what I am doing. This weekend, I am going to be relegated to using a commercial gas grill but I still want to be able to get some smoke into the meat.

I need some advice how (if at all) this is possible.
I've used my Crown Verity gasser a few times to smoke. A couple things,

You can buy steel boxes that hold wood chips, Crown makes some nice ones for their grills. You can also make one. Are you using a long grill with burners going front to back? If so you can take one of the grates off the side, and place a half size disposable aluminum tray with wood chips on the radiant that covers the burner like most commercial grills have.

There will probably be a lot of vents on the dome of your grill. The back of the Crown Verity has vents all along the top from one side to the other. I cover those with thick aluminum foil. There is a lip on my grill that runs along the grill on top of the vents, I clamp the foil to that.

Here is some pron of gasser smoked butts,
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