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Hey... good thread.

If I want something different to try, I come here for ideas. Pepper Stout Beef, ABTs, fatties, pork shots, etc. (Well, maybe they are not all that new, but they were new to me.)

When it comes to cooking "regular" BBQ (like a pork butt or ribs), I don't vary my methods much. Oh, I might bump the temp up if I'm running behind, but that's about it.

With brisket ... it's a hard question to answer. I didn't really have my own method (whether traditional or not.) My first ever packer (a 15 pounder) was smoked at 225 for 18(!) hours. It looked like a burnt shoe when I pulled it. However, miraculously, it tasted pretty darned good. [An aside here: That brisket STILL tasted better than every other brisket I've tried at restaurants (with one exception.)]

In the past couple of years (using ideas from this forum), I've cooked enough briskets to figure out that *I* get better results with hotter temps and shorter times. Although I like tradition (low and slow), I have to do what works for me!
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