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Originally Posted by Wampus View Post

Yeah I eventually got the ring and box out (after the burn out). I just "disconnected" it with a flathead screwdriver and lifted the ring, then the firebox out so I could properly clean out the body of the egg.

Another question......this one does NOT have a gasket. Putting one on seems easy enough, no?

And a clarification....

The soot ring was well below the joint between the lid and base so I don't think it was from the air/smoke coming out of where the gasket would be.

It's almost like it LEECHED out of the egg body itself in an exact concentric ring 360 degrees around the egg.
OK- A new gasket is not hard to put on if you have basic (very) do it yourself skils. Just make sure you get the high heat gasket.

I have definitely heard of and seen pics of the eggs leeching. If you do a lot of butts, briskets, or dark meat chicken and don't use a drip pan they can soak in and leech out when it gets hot. There are some funky pics on the bge forum. It's harmless but can be nasty looking.

If you need more BGE centric advice, that's a good group over there and there is nothing they have not seen or done. I'm over there a lot. Good folks but I like the diversity of cooking styles here too so I do both
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