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Originally Posted by woodpelletsmoker View Post
smaller probe is $10.But I can send you a free for comparison purpose.
I made comparison again on gas stove, the old big probe and the new small probe on WOLF and wireless thermometer. Small probe responds faster than big probe. But this difference of responding speed can be ignored. It is nothing but 10 to 20 seconds.
Also I find probe position is very sensitive. When doing test, you must band two probes together.
One on left and the other on right, then exchange position. also put one on top the other, and then exchange position.
My first cook I used a lime and thought that threw off the temps so then I removed it from the lime and stuck it in with the Maverick stand like this, the red line is where I had the Dog probe.

The temps still bounced up and down between 1F - 50F at any given time even though I did not use a lime. If you want you can send me the smaller probe and ill do some comparison test in my kettle, I probably wont be doing any more cooks until spring since its too cold out for me.

Originally Posted by woodpelletsmoker View Post
a lime cut in half.
pardon my poor English, what do you mean by lime.
Is it something like orange.
If yes, it must be WET, which can LOWER temperature of probe.
This must be the reason why DOG is always lower than Maverick.
The lime I used was actually from a previous cook so it was completely dried out, I kept it to use as a stand for the Dog probe.
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