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Default Question for the Catering Gods

Ok so I have a party coming up next weekend. I have to feed 160 Marines and family members.

Menu is:

140lbs Pulled Pork
25 lbs Pulled beef (for those that do not eat pork)
Mac and Cheese Dry weight is 16lbs
Baked Beans 5 -3" deep full size Aluminum Steam Table Pans from Sam's Club

Now my question is this... I need a way to keep this stuff hot from my house to the convention center. I plan on cooking the Pork and beef early vacuum sealing and then reheating on sight using boiling water method.

The mac and cheese and Baked Beans I will throw on pit to get good and bubbly hot before leaving the house. I am using the Sam's Club special Aluminum Pans that measure
Top dimensions: 12 7/8"W x 20 3/4"L x 3 9/16"D
Bottom dimensions: 9 7/8" x 17 5/8"

I will have 5 Pans of beans and 3 Pans of mac and cheese. I want to keep them hot for about 3 hours. I was thinking I would buy 2 of these to hold my pans... How many will this hold? I am sure some of you have these. By my calculations or math know how (and its bad) I should be able to get 4 of these in there. However we all know assumptions are evil I would rather have word from the horse's mouth on this...

Black Carlisle PC300N03 Insulated Food Pan Carrier
Interior Dimensions:
17"H x 13 1/4W" x 21"D

Now if you guys suggest I buy different pans please let me know. The reason I am using the Steam Table pans is because they hold alot of food and they are just throw aways. Also, if you suggest a different Cambro I need to be able to hold 8 pans in it and be under 500 bucks. Thats my budget on this... I am a Marine and do alot of this Non Profit and so this is coming out of my pocket not the Marine Corps.
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