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Originally Posted by Clayfish View Post
Hey Wolfy, the JD (Jimmy Dean) and other brands of sausage they are talking about is seasoned raw meat as in picture 2 above, but packaged like picture 1.

I haven't seen this outside the US, and they get loads of flavours e.g. Breakfast Sausage, Hot Sausage, Italian Sausage, even the chorizo they talk about is raw meat chorizo style in a chubb - if you're more used to the spanish type you can just slice and eat.

Us non-Americans, achieve the same by either using pork mince (your picture 2) with BBQ rub and/or other seasonings mixed in to taste or by using sausage meat from the butcher/supermarket or taking the meat out of actual sausages of different flavours.
Hence my confusion ... x2.

Thanks for the info, think I can get plain-sausage meat and will see what I can do about seasoning like you suggested ... need to christen the UDS tomorrow! :)
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