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Found some matches.
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Ok, I know this thread is 7 pages long, and I'm resurrecting it after 2 years .... but I've read it (and others) ... looked at the pictures ... and still don't know the answer to the original question "what's a Fatty??".

I get that it is Jimmy Dean Breakfast Pork Sausage (or similar) that is often split/spread/wrapped/filled and then smoked/BBQ.

But what's this JD Sausage stuff?

Is it pre-cooked, 'cold cuts' like stuff we'd call Devon or Strassburg

... smallgoods 'sausages' that are precooked/smoked/cured that you usually eat directly out of the pack.


Is it essentially 'raw sausage meat':

... processed raw meat that is most often filled into sausage-casings.
Some butchers here sell this stuff in fat-tubes which I guess could be the local equivalent of the magical JD Breakfast Sausage that is so popular for making Fatties.
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