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Originally Posted by CarolinaQue View Post
This quote implies that it will run the same temp no matter what, all year around depending on area code as per elevation scale, not based on ambient air temp. I believe you even referenced the elevation being connected to the area code a few posts before this one.

I believe the confusion lies in the fact that there are 70* degree temp swings in the northern states between summer and winter in the same area code? Hence, the question, how exactly does it maintain the same temp in a certain area code all year long using the preset theory?
OK, first I said zip code, not area code. Next, it's a steel cooker that doesn't involve any
magic. The preset intake means that it will burn consistently within normal parameters.
If those parameters (primarily ambient temp, wind, and humidity) change the burn
characteristics also change, which affects cooking time, so you have to adjust as needed.

That's as clear as I know how to make it.

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