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Originally Posted by moontz View Post
The device will/should still track temps and execute notifications even if your device is asleep. We have tested this a bunch of different ways and has worked fine for us. Let us know if you are seeing differently and it is not notifying properly. We use the same notification engine that google uses for their apps so hoping they accounted for all of the gotchas.
Understood, but when you are n the middle of working on getting your boxes ready it would be nice to just look up and see what is going on. Though, I suppose the work around would be to just manually change the device settings so it doesn't go to sleep and then change it back after I am finished.

Originally Posted by moontz View Post
Landscape will come later if the demand is there. Requires a bit of effort to make it look as nice in landscape so left that out for now.
Think tablet - which will be my preferred device to use this app on.

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