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Originally Posted by Lake Dogs View Post
To the definitely hickory folks, is there any chance this is poplar? The bark looks awefully similar. Without leaves, the two when they're smaller (like this) look very close IMHO.

Three things tell me it's not Poplar in my mind:

1) The bark is very tight and raised in spots. As pignut hickory get's older, the raised parts of the bark form an almost diamond pattern, which I can see starting to happen in the bark pic.

2) The dark spots in the pics of the cut cross section. That looks to me to be the trade mark dark sap line of the hickory species, I have yet to see this marking in poplar.

3) The color of the wood itself. All the poplar I've ever worked with has had a greyish green color to it. This looks to be a much more pronounced cream color that I know to be associated with the hickory species.

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