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Originally Posted by bmonkman View Post
Wow!! This is great. I just downloaded it and opened it. What a nice clean UI. A couple of suggestions:

  • add a config option that will allow you to tell your device to not sleep
  • a configurable alert (with a sound file of your choice) that will fire off when the pit temp reaches a certain temperature
  • the above would also be nice for the two food probes
  • ability to change orientation from portrait to landscape
I am looking forward to trying this out on a cook. It looks awesome.

Hi - thanks for the feedback. Each point addressed below.

- The device will/should still track temps and execute notifications even if your device is asleep. We have tested this a bunch of different ways and has worked fine for us. Let us know if you are seeing differently and it is not notifying properly. We use the same notification engine that google uses for their apps so hoping they accounted for all of the gotchas.

- You can configure the temp alerts currently. You just choose a different notification type. There is a lot of functionality buried that will come up as you play with it. We also have pre configured temp alerts for 3-2-1, 2-2-1, etc so one click setup if u wanted. Regarding the sound, you know we had that functionality where it would give a specific alarm for the pit pal when alerts went off (was a loud dinner bell type sound). But then it just got annoying so we took it out :) So now it is tied direct into whatever notification settings you have on your phone. So it will use whatever sound you have configured, or vibrate, or silent. Whatever ur phones notify settings are set to.

- All of the alarm/notifcation functionality can also be setup for each individual food. You see a clock icon under each temp for cook and food so you can set different individual time or temp alarms per food.

- Landscape will come later if the demand is there. Requires a bit of effort to make it look as nice in landscape so left that out for now.
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