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Originally Posted by IamMadMan View Post
Make sure your Pink Salt is curing salt, and not Hawaiian Pink Salt, there is a difference.
I would also inject the brine into the thickest part of the meat due to the large size of the fresh ham.

Keep in mind the initial stages of smoking a ham are done at a lower temperature and then raised for cooking.

A mini wsm might be a tight fit so the brinkman vertical would work as long as you can control the temperature settings. The brinkman gassers sometimes run hot and make smoking at a lower temperature difficult (you can use ice in the water pan to help).

If a friend catches you looking for help, no worries, you explain it is like a recipe, and there are many variations in techniques. You simply want to do it right with guidance from Brethren with experience in this matter.
It is curing salt that I ordered. I wasn't sure if I could get it locally. I remember seeing pink salt at Whole Foods but it was Hawaiian stuff.

I'll make sure to inject it and brine it. You mentioned to cook it at a lower temp and then cook hotter at the end. What temps what you do? It seems like most of the stuff from Phastry has said he does that at 275.

There is no way it'll fit in the mini-wsm. Too tall, too round. No way possible. My gasser holds temps pretty good. I use my maverick and know exactly what it's running at. I have filled the water pan with sand and like it much better than messing with water.

Originally Posted by chicagokp View Post
Here's what I did for a cottage ham.

Post 10 has some links to other hams that Phrasty has done. At least one of them is a full fresh ham. As IamMadMan says, you probably will want to inject. Phrasty did the same for his fresh ham and mentioned making sure you get it in the joint.

Good luck and post pron!
Thanks for the link! There is lots of good info there I hadn't stumbled upon!

Originally Posted by Wampus View Post
Only thing I'll suggest is that defrosting that thing is gonna take some time if it's just put in the fridge. You may need to put it in the sink here and there and keep a continuous stream of COLD water going to help it along. Just put it in a pot in the sink and keep a nice continuous stream of water going into the pot to keep the water moving and cold. This is the method accepted by SafeServ for thawing food other than just by means of letting it sit in the fridge. I know a 16 lb turkey will take a week to thaw through in the fridge. I'd think a solid chunk o ham will take at least that long. Just sitting it out on the counter is NOT recommended.
I like this idea. I think my friend thinks it's a waste of water. So he put it in a cooler full of water and put it outside Hopefully it's frozen enough to keep the water cold. The other weird part is it doesn't fit in the cooler so the lid is open I might have to go get it from him today so he doesn't make his whole family sick.

I'm still curious about a ballpark cooking time. Is 30 min per pound a reasonable time to guess and know I might be off a couple hours?
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