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Originally Posted by Boshizzle View Post
I screwed up my brisket big time in my last competition. Tuffy was there and competed too. I came in 11th. He came in 10th. My injections also used Butchers and it wasn't thick. If I hadn't screwed up (and I know what I did wrong now) I would have scored much better. Overall, I came in 4th, Tuffy came in 5th.

So what? The point is, just use what you like. I don't use phosphates when cooking at home and my briskets come out good all the time.

Seriously, bro, don't get caught up in what other people do. It isn't worth it. You know what's good and you know what you like. Stick with that.

This brisket had no phosphates. It was just BBQ'd straight up. That's the way I prefer it and I bet most people prefer it that way too.

I'm not worthy...Oh, wait...yes I am. Send some over asap!
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