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Default Hats off to PattioDaddio with pron

OK, I was asked to smoke four turkeys last week, I have about nine years of expierance with smoking pork, and some chicken. I have never smoked a turkey before. So, what to do? I turned to the BBQ Brethern for the answer and boy did I get the answer.

I followed PatioDaddio's instructions for a Turkey Brine, understand, with chickens I always inject, had every intention of injecting these turkeys with a creole butter injection. However, I saw how many people were talking about this brine that I decided to go for it. I do not know PatioDaddio, we have never met, but if we ever do, I owe him a cold one.

The people that I smoked them for think that these things were made by a pro! The only thing I had to do differant was use Allspice instead of the Chinese 5 spice. I might add this was not my idea, PatioDaddio suggested it in a post I read somewhere. I put celery, onion, and orange in the cavity. Smoked at 175, used a cheesecloth soaked in butter, and continued to bast with butter. The end result was nothing short of pure awesome, and I was told that the meat melted in their mouths.......I didnt get any! Thanks PatioDaddio.

Turkey Brined for about 24 hours

End results follow

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