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Default Fingerlickin', you are the cat's meow!

Okay, so quite some time ago in the ol' WP there was a "contest" for some apple butter, because SOMEBODY decided they hated apple butter. No accounting for taste, I know.

The so called contest was the first person to post got some delicious apple butter delivered to them by none other than our brother in smoke, Fingerlickin'. His brotherly spirit is the stuff of legends around here, but boy howdy did he HOOK IT UP!

He sent this stuff to me during Halloween time (if you couldn't tell) but I've been so busy chomping down on this stuff that I couldn't be bothered retrieving them from my camera. To enjoy many of these veritable treats I made up a couple of loaves of cinnamon swirl bread

I made the terrible mistake at this point in not realizing I had rolled out the ugly side to be the top of my loaf. Haven't rolled out some cinnamon bread in a loooong time, so wasn't even thinking about it, even though with a regular kneaded loaf I'm on top of that. As I am fair in all things, I present the ugly bread loaves!

Look at them! LOOK AT THEM! All wobbly eyed and craggy. I was almost disgusted with them, until I sliced them open

At this point my already rather weak picture taking instincts were completely destroyed, because I immediately put a thin layer of butter on each slice, put the apple butter, pumpkin butter, pear butter, and white peach butter on a slice of each. Of course there are no pictures of this, because I wolfed them DOWN!

They were all delicious, so... so very delicious. I have to admit my favorite on this cinnamon bread was the peach butter. The pumpkin butter on its own tastes the best. My biggest challenge so far with that stuff is to not just suck it down straight from the jar.

As we're in "pie season" at this moment I've only really been making a lot of those, with these preserves sitting in the fridge, but I DID put some pumpkin butter on the top of a pecan pie... and man that was good. Maybe not its intended use, but I have no regrets.

Thanks for looking, and thanks again Fingerlickin'!
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