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Default First Time Ham Questions

I have been lurking for a few years and decided to join recently I haven't had a major reason to post yet.

I have a friend that decided to buy a fresh ham for christmas dinner, although it's on the 8th. When he picked it up they asked how he was going to cook it. He was surprised to find out it doesn't go straight in the oven. What he currently has is a frozen, skin on, bone in, 15 lb ham. I got called last night to see if I would smoke it for him.

After a bit of research I am planning to make the "Black Pepper Smoked Ham" shown here:

I currently have some pink salt on order to be here thursday. I think I've seen that a rule of thumb for brining would be 1day/2lb. So I think I need to get it defrosted by this friday to get it brining for 7 days to cook it next fri night.

Do I need to remove the skin and trim the fat? I read some places that scoring the skin would work? Does the trimmed turn out better?

Should I cook it bone in? Would it work if I cut it in half and removed the bone? Would that cook it faster? What is an estimate for cooking time? I know I cook it to 155 IT but what is a ballpark time for that?

I have a brinkmann upright gasser and a mini-wsm. After seeing a giant ham of similar size at the butcher today I know it won't fit in my mini-wsm.

If you were caught by a friend looking for help in this situation what would the plan of attack be?

Thanks for you help!
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