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What do you do when you love your friend so much you cannot bare to point out what a colossally stupid thing it was he uttered about a given subject. I guess I will say nothing and let the lot of you continue to think a certain something is true merely to retain the friendship....

of course.... if he were to be murdered in some hideous and disfigurative way....hmmm, if he is murdered, what does it matter that he is messed up? No one would know.... this is why I always curse myself when I have an entire family killed for something there loved one says on this forum; there is no one left who cares enough that I have for instance murdered the person that said the stupid thing.... I mean... no one to observe that the person was killed by say ripping off their skin.

maybe I should kill the person in the forum who said the stupid thing by ripping off the skin and frying it like pork skins then after viewing the body the family could eat the skin of the person that said the stupid thing AND then be shocked by the viewing of the bo....

hey, the meds are here!!!!!! Got 2 go.

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