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Default Need advice on pulling my meat

Howdy. Got a question about finishing a butt. Normally I start checking @ 190* IT. Then I use the bone and probe tests.

Last night I cooked a 9lb'er on the uds. Stayed in the 270-325 degree range. At 200 degrees IT, it still wasn't ready. I started getting worried about the butt drying out on me. I then pulled outta drum, foiled and into cooler. Rested for a few hours. It turned out somewhat dry in areas, bone never did let go.

Should I have....

A. Brought cooker temp down to 200*, so as to keep the meat @ approx 200*? Which would allow it to loosen up more, perhaps.


B. Instead of panicking, just maintained cooker temp and kept going until butt passed the tests?

Thanks! Jason :)
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