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Well, I think I may be the dumbest person on the planet, because I still can't get thing to balance out and hold heat.

I am trying a picnic shoulder today, 7lb - figured on a 10 hour burn. I filled the basket this morning around 8:30, lit the charcoals (minion method) - they're holding fine, put them in the UDS and got my temp up to 230 and held it, put on the pork and temp balanced back out... now, I'm slowly losing heat, down to 190. I open another valve, doesn't work, I have the 2.75" bung hole open completely and there's a second, smaller hole, 3/4" wide, I open that, nothing. I just can't keep the temp up. I look in at the coals and they're nice and white, getting plenty of air, not smothering, the ashes are falling down into the pan well. I have a 3" lift off the bottom of the basket to the bottom of the UDS.

One thing I've noticed, everyone says when they open the lid, their temp spikes, mine actually plummets. I opened the top just now for about 45 seconds and the temp dropped 40 degrees.

Does anyone have any idea what my dumba$$ is doing wrong? Or should I just hang it up?

Thanks guys!
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