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Originally Posted by tpope View Post
Sooo many terms to google to find out what ya said about that delicious looking food.
OK here goes:

starting with the egg on the picture with the plated food and going clockwise around..

telur mata sapi == fried egg

Krupuk == krupuk oedang - deep fried shrimp crackers

Seroendeng == mix of peanuts and shredded coconut roasted with a sprinkle of sugar

Atjar tjampoer == Indonesian sweet/sour pickled, finely shredded napa cabbage and carrots

Peanut sauce == spicy sauce made from blocks of grounded up peanuts (or use peanut butter), red pepper paste and sweet soy sauce (and I mix in some of the quickly boiled & reserved marinade from the Sateh Babi..)

Sateh Babi == cubed marinated pork - ~ 2 days in mix of Sweet soy sauce, Red wine, Red peper paste, lemon juice, fineley chopped up lemon grass, shot of gin, fineley chopped onion & green onion, some curry powder, pepper and salt.

Flied lice == fried rice.. in some sesame oil with chopped fried onion, chopped ham or chicken, finely scrambled egg, some cilantro and splash of soy sauce.

Sambal badjak == mix of sauteed chopped onion, Shrimp paste, Sambal Oelek (a red pepper paste) and Ketjap Manis (a sweet soy sauce).

All that stuff you find at your favorite Oriental Toko == store
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